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Food from the Pacific islands has been part of Canadian culture for centuries.

Every June, Canada celebrates Filipino Heritage Month to celebrate the contributions Canadians of Filipino heritage make to the nation’s culture.

Nearly 1 million people living in Canada claim Filipino heritage, making them one of the fastest-growing populations in the country. It has a positive impact on many parts of Canadian life, including culinary traditions.

While each region of the Philippines brings unique foods and flavour profiles, it is the concept of bold flavours that unites the country’s multi-cultural influence.

Authentic Filipino cuisine includes Chinese, Spanish and Western influences. It is known for a balance of sweet, sour and salty, as well as a combination of textures. An authentic meal often includes something braised and fried, and a side of plain or garlic-fried rice.

Filipino cooking is the original fusion cuisine, with its mix of influences from Chinese, Malay and Spanish cooking. One key trademark is its heady combination of sweet (tamis), sour (asim) and salty (alat.)

Pockets of Filipino influence can be found in large cities. But no matter where you live, you can bring a taste of the Philippines to your table by serving this authentic theme meal.

Gordon Food Service Chef Profile

Filipino Chef Michael

Michael Viloria, Culinary Specialist
Vancouver, British Columbia

Chef Michael Viloria started his culinary career as a dishwasher nearly 40 years ago.

He progressed through several roles, running front and back-of-house operations in large hotels, casinos and independent/multi-unit restaurants.

He earned his Red Seal certificate in 1992.

Today he serves as a Culinary Specialist with Gordon Food Service in Delta, British Columbia.

He provides a recipe traditionally done as a stir fry. As a chef, he adds a creative twist and likes to incorporate Filipino flavours and various techniques. With this recipe, he was inspired by his father’s love for barbecue and his mother’s family traditions.

Roasted Garlic Fried Rice

Side dish: Roasted Garlic Fried Rice


Entrée: Bistek

Cantaloupe Cooler

Beverage: Cantaloupe Cooler

Video: See how the Cantaloupe Cooler is made.


Dessert: Champorado

Filipino Flavors Infographic

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