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Today’s operations thrive on cutting-edge recipes, and socially conscious nutrition. At Gordon Food Service, we want to help your business meet that demand. That is why we offer culinary consulting and nutrition resource services, from our in-house staff. Continue reading to see how we can help your food service operation.

Nutrition Resource Centre

Available to help in areas such as menu management, nutrition, food safety, and more. Staffed by expert registered dietitians and a dedicated support team. The NRC supports food service operations including: healthcare, college and universities, multi-unit operations, and restaurants with software options, training tools, and menu suggestions, just to name a few.

Menu Nutrition Services

More and more customers want to know what they are consuming. The Nutrition Resource Centre can help by:

  • Menu cost control and efficiency
  • Education on compliance
  • Nutrition analysis support
  • Access to nutrition database

For Healthcare customers, visit Cycle Menu Management

A man and woman discuss options as they order meals electronically from the comfort of their senior living space

Contact the Nutrition Resource Centre

The Nutrition Resource Centre is available to help our customers with a variety of questions that pertain to recipes, menu creation, and management, including nutrition, allergen, and food-safety information. Contact them by calling 1-866-814-1272 or emailing

Please reach out to your sales rep for more information on consultation opportunities.

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We have created webinars covering tips, tricks, nutritional updates, and all things food service. 

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