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We believe that food can do more. So, we curated an ever-evolving program called Goodfinds by Gordon to highlight companies that believe food should not only taste good, but do good too. These companies are on the forefront of purposeful innovation— rethinking processes, ingredients, farming technologies, and more—all to do more good for people and our planet.


With the steep rise in different food trends like eating and buying local, sustainably conscious dining, and supporting unique, meaningful food alternatives it’s clear consumers are demanding more from their food. So, we took the time and care to pull the newest, most innovative and meaningful food solutions to the forefront for you and your customers. These program partners will allow you to tell stories that make menu items more valuable, inclusive, and sought-after—meaning when your customers open up the menu, they’ll be delightfully surprised at how relevant it is for them. And better yet, they’ll leave raving about their experience.

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Food Can Be More Than Food

Goodfinds by Gordon is a program that searches high and low to find meaningful food solutions that not only taste good, but do good too. Because we believe the way we choose our food really can change the world. And, when your food is rooted in purpose, people connect with it—taking your business and your menu to new heights.

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Redefining  Farming

Indoor farming is taking the industry by storm and there are no signs of it slowing down.

It’s a 


Farmworkers are vital to our world’s well-being — it’s time we gave back to their livelihood.

Celebrating Diversity

Supporting minority- and women-owned businesses multiplies good for everyone.

Goodfinds by Gordon Partner:
Les Épices du guerrier, Warrior Blends

The mission is to offer a unique, high-end First Nations culinary product different from any existing product currently on the market.

Through the distinct flavours of our product, we will awaken the curiosity and sharpen the senses of every culinary adventurer and nature enthusiast like us. It is with this goal in mind that we have created The Warrior Blends, striving to bring a captivating culinary experience and bring the abundance of our natural resources into the kitchens of the public, hoping to bring light to the grandiosity of our territory.

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