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Finest Bakery Ingredients

Sienna Bakery cares about every ingredient, every texture, and every bite. We bring small-batch care and an artisanal feel to our collection of breads, breakfast foods, and desserts to nourish and satisfy like only baked goods can.

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Finest Ingredients. Bakery Fresh. Carefully Crafted. Artisanal Appearance.

Finest ingredients: Sienna Bakery products get their extraordinary taste from the finest ingredients, such as rich butter, fresh nuts, real honey, and plump raisins. 

Bakery fresh: Sienna Bakery products offer mouthwatering aromas and soft, moist textures that leave a “baked from scratch” impression.

Carefully crafted: Sienna Bakery products are crafted using time-honoured techniques.

Artisanal appearance: Sienna Bakery products appear to have received handmade attention and small-batch production-breads have hand-scored and stone-baked appearance.

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Sienna Bakery is available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. 

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