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Gordon Choice® offers a comprehensive selection of products, designed to provide you confidence in your kitchen while delivering value to your business.

About Gordon Choice

Within Gordon Choice you’ll find the products you know and love. It’s your high-quality, product portfolio designed so you can choose your necessities faster and easier while expanding your options and offering you more flexibility.

It’s where everyday needs meet dependability and freedom of choice. It’s Gordon Choice.

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Gordon Choice Plant-Based

“Lettuce” introduce our new high-end plant-based products. Our innovative technologies and premium ingredients have enabled us to create products that are both “a-peas-ing” appetites but also rooting for a sustainable future.

Plant-Based Milk 

Made with real almonds, this non-dairy drink is the perfect choice for anyone looking to cut down on dairy and sugar without sacrificing taste.

Plant-Based Protein 

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan or simply looking to cut back on your meat consumption, our plant-based meatballs are the perfect choice for a delicious and guilt-free meal.

Plant-Based Cheese

Perfect for topping your favorite pizza, lasagna, or even grilled cheese sandwich, our plant-based mozzarella will satisfy your cheesy cravings without any of the dairy.

Gordon Choice BBQ Sauces

New and exciting BBQ sauces are taking the grilling world by storm. With a range of flavours from tangy and sweet to spicy and bold, there’s something for every BBQ enthusiast. Traditional favourites have been given unique twists, while innovative and unexpected flavour combinations are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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