A tradition of quality-crafted meats.

Intercity Custom Meats

Where Relentless Consistency Meets Peace of Mind

A producer of premium quality protein items, including certified Angus beef, White Stripe lamb, Rossdown poultry, Sakura pork, Beretta meats, and Ocean Wise seafood.

History of Excellence

Since 1972, Intercity Custom Meats has lived by its founding values of expertise, consistency, and integrity. Continuous innovation, coupled with the newest technology in the industry, ensures a level of safety and consistency that is required to meet the demands of our discerning customers.

Centre of the plate hand-crafted meat products are the heart of the brand and the embodiment of its commitment to evolving market trends and tastes. Our master craftsmen have decades of meat-cutting experiences. Extensively trained and possessing valuable knowledge and expertise, they are skilled to produce the most consistent product with every cut, customized to your specific needs. Intercity Custom Meats is a name brand you can count on to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Relentless Consistency

We carefully procure our meats to ensure that we’re offering you each product the same way, every time. Our strong attention to quality and our investment in leading-edge technology  ensures that uniform sizing, grade range, cut specification, and minimum aging standards are met. Intercity Custom Meats portion-cut steaks are consistent in size, shape, and thickness, and they are always cut to your specification.

Peace of Mind

Protein is the most expensive part of the menu, and Intercity Custom Meats can help eliminate the guesswork involving yields, costs, portioning, shrink, theft, and age. With Intercity Custom Meats you only order what you need, eliminating the hassle to menu and use off cuts or find a home for trim. Whether for normal usage, holidays, planned promos (steak of the week), or for special catering functions, let Intercity Custom Meats remove the worries and headaches, allowing you to focus on taking care of the customer.

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Intercity Custom Meats are available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. 

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