Veg-Forward Recipes for Autumn


A sustainably delicious festival of healthy, nutritious fall flavour.

Welcome to the season for celebrating a bountiful harvest. Fall vegetables are a blend of colour and flavour, perfect for hearty meals filled with nutrition and warmth as we get ready for cooler weather.

With a nod to global flavour, the veg-centric dishes we’re featuring not only deliver on the promise of healthy nourishment, they’re an example of feel-good eating—plant-forward foods that can address sustainability or transparency messages.

These recipes highlight the best of the fall harvest. Fall has never tasted so great. We think your diners will agree.


Flash Cauliflower

Flash Cauliflower

Bathe cauliflower florets in fryer oil to give them a golden appearance, then season with honey and chile flakes before serving with a garlic-lemon Lebanese toum sauce and pickled turnips.

Melon with Whipped Labneh

Melon with Whipped Labneh

This sweet and tangy dish starts with colourful honeydew and cantaloupe, which are topped with honey, sunflower seeds, sumac and labneh.

Soupe queue de bœuf et farro

Oxtail and Farro Soup

A beefy base is a hearty backdrop for this autumn soup, filled with vegetables and farro, rich in protein and fiber.

Caulilini sauce tonnato

Caulilini Tonnato

Coated with Parmesan and roasted, caulilini’s succulent flavour stands out in this dish served over a creamy, tuna-rich tonnato dressing, then topped with a touch of spicy giardiniera relish and bonito flakes.

Cevapi (kebab)

Cevapi Kebabs

Skewered lamb, beef and pork sausage is grilled and served alongside a tzatziki sauce, pickled red onions and smashed cucumber salad.

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