The Beginnings Of Quebec In Emulsion


Obtained usually by vigorous whipping, emulsion usually corresponds in cooking to the action of mixing two liquids or substances which, in principle, do not mix. One of the two liquids takes the form of finite globules dispersed in the other. To stabilize the mixture, it is necessary to add a third ingredient, called emulsifier.

Firmly rooted in this desire to define ourselves through our culinary history, the agri-food community is more organized and collaborative than ever. From our agricultural knowledge acquired over the past decades to the boldness of our food processors, to the efficiency and stability of our distribution network, we have the perfect recipe for progress.    

As with emulsion, the agri-food industry is a collection of non-homogeneous, complex elements that are not easy or natural to integrate. But don’t worry, when you put your mind to it with creativity, meticulousness, and a good dose of talent, the results are fascinating.

The connections and contact between our Quebec suppliers and our restaurant owners are vital. It is therefore essential that distributors, such as Gordon Food Services, act as a liaison between all the stakeholders in the agri-food chain.

This is the objective of this blog, which we hope will wrap you up in the world of Quebec’s agri-food industry, which is anything but ordinary. Ready, set, read!


Our team, in partnership with Aliments Du Quebec, intends to explore several regions of the province of Quebec during the month of September (local food month) to learn more about our local products. 

On the way, we will meet several artisans, restaurant owners, and passionate people who will teach us about their work, their passion, and their region.  

With our cameras, our team will depart with a full address book of places to visit. We want to travel more than 5,000 kilometers on the roads of our beautiful province, from the Gaspé Peninsula to the Eastern Townships, passing through Montreal, the Montérégie and Lanaudière regions, and then finishing in Quebec City.

Quebec is full of artisans who are dedicated to creating authentic products or dishes that speak for themselves. Hit the road with us and discover the flavors of our region from the comfort of your living room, or your kitchen!



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