Tee Up Solid Golf Course Food Sales


This year calls for a new approach to reach players and guests.

It’s time to gear up for golf season. Get your culinary game on par with new approaches to providing food to players and guests. From the clubhouse to the golf cart, snack shack, tournaments and beyond, set a course for success.

Safety restrictions and health concerns will challenge operators again this year. That calls for a little creativity based on three lessons learned by the restaurant industry in recent months:

  1. Technology is a growing part of the business.
  2. Consumers are demanding a more rewarding experience.
  3. Operators are seeking new customers from long-term relationships.

Improve your game with customers

Get onboard with technology and provide customer convenience. Customize your contactless menu and update it regularly to highlight specials. Your online menu is visible anytime, so golfers at the 10th hole can pre-order a dinner to take home to the family. You can even text golfers on the course to make suggestions.

Enlist social media to enhance the customer experience with food talk. People eat with their eyes, so show pictures of what’s on your menu, describe special ingredients and preparation techniques. Soon, you’re not just a golf destination, but a great place to eat.

Whether you target golfers that dine or diners that don’t golf, new customers are out there. Build those long-term relationships with incentives. A free 10-minute putting lesson with your first online meal to go may appeal to golfers. An outdoor table with a view of the course can appeal to non-golfers.

Cart boxes, meal kits and beyond

Your clubhouse kitchen is the ultimate scramble. Quick-serve for golfers headed to the tee box. Plated meals for dine-in. Catering for tournaments or events. Foods that travel well work well for all occasions.

For breakfast, think about fresh-made smoothies, breakfast sandwiches or burritos. Handhelds are great anytime foods. Elevate the sandwich game by offering bison or salmon burgers, and skip the boring bread or bun and use waffles, biscuits or flatbreads as an option.

Call on cart boxes for group gatherings or big events. Pre-packed boxes with a breakfast, lunch or larger meal can even include promotional materials from a sponsor. From there, it’s not a big leap to meal kits, perfect for golfers in a rush to get home. Fully cooked kits can include tacos or burgers, and make-it-yourself kits could provide steaks and veggies to grill at home.

Try these creative clubhouse ideas

Drive news sales with some easy-prep menu ideas that deliver big flavour:

Œuf à la bénédictine

Ace Benedict

This version of Eggs Benedict has one egg and smashed potatoes with hollandaise sauce. Its smaller portion offers flexibility to add sides.

Smoothie parfait

Sweet Spot Smoothie

Smoothies are a takeaway option any time of day, offering a refreshing, portable solution.

Ask your Sales Representative about premade recipes if you want an even faster way to serve up a smoothie.

Burger au bison

The Range Burger

A bison burger combined with sweet balsamic caramelized onions, bacon, arugula and blue cheese … delicious! These are clubhouse-worthy but also a great option to grill up on the course.

Sandwich au poulet sur une gaufre

Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

Chicken and waffles are a classic, and you can elevate them with a sweet and spicy twist. A drizzle of maple chili sauce brings an unexpected burst of flavour.

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