Speed Scratch Offers Plate Appeal


Save time and labour costs with recipes that won’t sacrifice appearance, flavour or authenticity.

Finding skilled staff is a challenge and can be expensive. Speed scratch lets you offer more variety with less labour. By cross-utilizing value-added products, operators have endless mix-and-match opportunities for signature dishes with bold, authentic flavours. While many operators have concerns about products with a premade look or flavour, it’s time to take another look at value-added choices. Technology advancements have resulted in an incredible array of high quality foods that meet chef specifications and are ready for your unique finishing touches.

Speed scratch combines value-added products to create signature dishes and menu differentiation with a minimal impact on labour costs. There are several advantages to organizing a kitchen around speed-scratch techniques, and our featured recipes highlight a core group of value-added products that can be pulled through the menu to create unique and flavourful dishes. Here’s why they work:

They’re versatile players

A table-ready pot roast, already tender and juicy, can be used as an entrée. The same beef can be shredded for a barbecue sandwich or tossed with fettuccine for a tempting pasta dish. Our featured recipe for pot roast fettuccine combines shredded beef pot roast and seasonal vegetables topped with a distinctive Alfredo Bolognese.

They’re quick and convenient

Streamlining food prep and storage with value-added products allows more focus to be placed on plating dishes and ensuring a top quality final presentation. Smart cross-utilization can create unique menu items without adding additional inventory, and valuable labour hours are saved by transferring most of the processing and handling to the manufacturer—particularly in the case of meat and seafood, which typically require special storage and skilled labour to prepare final cuts. Our recipes feature pollock fillets, mild and flaky with a delicate texture, two ways: with a crave-worthy potato crunch topping or smothered in a creamy marinara.

They’re labour savers

Speed-scratch dishes allow operators to create custom meals with a fraction of the labour. Ready-to-bake frozen breads and rolls can be brushed with egg wash and topped with seeds, herbs or a seasoning mix. A cornbread base mix can be enhanced with shredded cheese, crispy bacon or scallions. Markon Ready-Set-Serve produce can be finished with your own garnish, like fresh snipped chives, herbs or a julienne of sweet peppers.

While there is sometimes a cost trade-off for value-added products in the form of lower labour costs but higher food costs, you can run the numbers to determine where speed-scratch cooking can boost your margin, enhance customer satisfaction and increase workplace productivity.

Featured Recipes

Sole croustillante

Breaded Sole

Mild, breaded sole pairs perfectly with a drizzle of Alfredo sauce. Served alongside nutty quinoa and a bright blend of vegetables, it’s a balanced entrée with comfort-food appeal.

Poulet Alfredo bolognaise

Chicken Alfredo Bolognese

A fresh take on chicken Parmesan, tender breast meat is smothered in an Alfredo-Bolognese blend. A flavourful quinoa and couscous mix stands in for the traditional pasta.

Pennes à la bolognaise

Penne with Bolognese

Baked pasta is always a favourite, and flavourful, gooey muenster cheese ups the ante. Paired with tender, lightly caramelized zucchini, this dish comes together easily with inventory staples like penne pasta and prepared Bolognese.

Goberge et sauce marinara crémeuse

Pollock with Creamy Marinara

Seafood with tomato is a classic pairing, and topping pollock fillets with creamy marinara is a smart match. Brighten the dish by tossing the couscous with fresh herbs for a pop of colour and flavour.

Fettuccinis au bœuf effiloché

Pulled Beef Fettuccine

Tender pulled beef featured here tossed with al dente pasta, crisp-tender sautéed vegetables and a zesty sauce.

Quinoa, couscous et sauce marinara crémeuse

Quinoa Couscous Creamy Marinara

This vegetarian entrée offer lots of flavour and colour. The blend of seasonal vegetables is filling and appetizing, with a mix of whole grains and a creamy alfredo marinara.

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