Fried Shrimp & Crispy Gnocchi


Makes 6

Prep Time

10 Minutes


Recipe Preparation

Cajun Aioli

  1. Add cajun seasoning to the mayo. Feel free to brighten it up with a splash of lemon juice. Transfer to a small squeeze bottle and set aside.

Corn Puree

  1. Make the Corn Puree

Final Prep & Assembly

  1. Coat the shrimp in seasoned flour dredge, then toss into the buttermilk. Once fully coated in the buttermilk, put back into the flour dredge and toss to coat. Shake off the excess and drop into the deep fryer until golden brown.
  2. While the shrimp are frying, use the other basket to fry the gnocchi, straight out of the package.
  3. Once the gnocchi and shrimp are golden brown and cooked through, drain the excess oil and lightly season with salt and pepper.
  4. To assemble, spoon the warm corn puree into the center of a rimmed plate or shallow bowl. Top with the gnocchi, then arrange the shrimp throughout. Squeeze small dollops of the cajun aioli into random openings between shrimp and gnocchi.
  5. Top with cherry peppers and follow with a sprinkle of the honey garlic seasoning. Garnish with chopped parsley, lemon zest and basil leaves.

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