Chicken Tikka Frankie


24 397-g servings


Recipe Preparation

1. Place the yogurt, lime juice, ginger and garlic in a stainless steel mixing bowl large enough to add the chicken. Whisk until blended. Add the chicken to the marinade. Season with salt and pepper. With gloved hands, mix the chicken into the marinade. Place in 4″ full stainless steel hotel pans. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours.

2. Prepare the tikka sauce and keep it at a simmer. Allow the excess marinade to drain off of the chicken. Place on a heated char-grill. Hatch mark 4 minutes on each side. The chicken will only be partially cooked at this point.

3. To finish, place the grilled chicken in the sauce skinned side up. Place a cover on the rondeau. Simmer for 20 minutes or until the chicken is just cooked through. Remove the chicken from the sauce. Allow excess sauce to drain. Place side by side in hotel pans. Refrigerate. Allow to cool uncovered. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

To prepare à la carte:

1. Thin slice a chicken breast lengthwise. Fan out slightly. Place on an oiled metal bacon pan. Ladle 57 ml of sauce over the top of the chicken. Place in a heated 177°C (350°F) convection oven. Cook for 10 minutes or until just warmed through. Place 42 g of hash browns in a 177°C(350°F) deep-fryer. Cook 3 minutes or until golden-brown. Allow to drain.

2. Lightly spray a 12″ tortilla with pan spray. Place on a heated flat griddle. Cook on both sides for 30 seconds or until just warmed through. Spread 29 ml of chutney on the lower half of the tortilla. Spread 29 ml of mint raita on the upper half of the tortilla. Stack the warmed chicken and sauce out the length of the tortilla on top of the chutney. Spread the potatoes out on top of the chicken. Spread 42 g cucumbers and tomatoes out on both sides of the chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Spread 7 g of cilantro out on top of the cucumbers and tomatoes.

3. Fold both ends of the tortilla over so it is tight against the filling. Gather the filling in with your fingers and compress it slightly with the palm of your hands. Tightly roll the tortilla up while at the same time keeping both of the ends tight and closed.

4. Place the Frankie, seam side down, on the lower half of the foil. Keeping the ends of the burrito closed, tightly roll the burrito up in the foil. Fold the edges of the excess foil in onto the ends of the burrito. Press in firmly to seal the ends. Slice in half on the bias. Place on a warmed serving plate.

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