Markon RSS: Farm to Table’s Most Valuable Produce


Ready-to-serve produce helps operators trim prep time and labour costs.

These days, every operator is looking for ways to save time, reduce costs and promote safety. Markon Ready-Set-Serve washed, pre-cut produce does all those things and more—it gives your chefs time to focus on creativity.

We asked three Gordon Food Service Specialists for insights on how Markon RSS produce can benefit your kitchen. Chefs David Evans (Milton, Ontario), Darren Lexa (Calgary, Alberta) and Kent MacDonald (Amherst, Nova Scotia) addressed three questions:

1. In the current business climate, how do Markon RSS products help operators?

Evans: You really need to be nimble to grow financial performance again. RSS products allow an operator to take on any challenge, like a big catering gig or a full restaurant group booking. All RSS products are cleaned, safe  and ready to consistently serve, while helping to manage labour costs. 

Lexa: Markon RSS products minimize (or eliminate) the labour component in getting menu items out of a kitchen. Doing more with fewer labour hours benefits your kitchen schedule. RSS products are also 100% yield, so there is no waste from trimming—all of the product gets used.­

MacDonald: No waste allows for more tactical menu planning. Operators reduce the variety of products they need to store, reducing potential loss and managing inventory levels.

2. What can operators expect from Markon RSS quality and consistency?

Evans: Operators are expected to put a premium on safety. Markon has your back. The 5-Star Food Safety Audit Program addresses five parts of the production process—fields, packing facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses and foodservice kitchens. For operators conducting contact tracing, managing staff and keeping PPE logs, this is one less thing to track. 

Lexa: RSS provides best-in-category freshness and quality, and operators can expect consistency with every order received. ­

MacDonald: RSS delivers on the Best at Fresh promise. When operators experience these products, they stay with RSS for the quality and consistency.­

3. What Markon RSS products offer quick wins for operators?

Evans: Washed and trimmed cilantro (Item No. 1275005), parsley (1282606) and green onions (2343116), peeled California garlic (1172633). These products can be used to create amazing in house recipes in volume batches, including sauces, marinades and garnishes with very little prep time. 

Lexa: Washed, trimmed and chopped Romaine lettuce (4009606) is a great ingredient for operators with a Caesar salad—or any garden salad—on the menu. Simply open the bag(s), stock the line or fill the salad station.

MacDonald: The most impactful quick win is the level of food safety associated with all RSS products. Coupled with labour reduction, time savings and fewer injury occurrences, RSS is exactly what an operator is looking for in today’s foodservice landscape.

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