Fried Seafood Innovations for All Seasons

Expand on the popularity of fried fish and seafood with tradition-busting sensations.

Deep-fried, pan-fried, baked or broiled, there’s no denying the popularity of battered or breaded fish and shrimp. Requests for these favourites make waves at the start of every year as people think about healthy choices. The interest continues through Lent, and you can keep it going all year long with creative menu ideas.

If you’re looking to break from the traditional nuggets on an appetizer plate or an entree served with fries or baked potato and slaw, consider globally-inspired and flavour-forward plates that people can’t make in their own kitchens. Here are several trend-conscious ideas:

Fish/shrimp bowlsFried fish portions or popcorn shrimp give these bowls their name, but the appeal comes from the extras. Think Mexican with refried beans with cotija cheese, zesty corn, cilantro and lime. Or go Asian, with udon noodles, carrots, snap peas, red bell peppers and a sweet chile sauce.

Fish tacos. Fried shrimp, panko-crusted tilapia or pretty much any fish finger or nugget takes on new appeal when nestled in a tortilla shell with toppings that include almost anything: salsa, avocado slices, queso cheese, garlic-lime crema … you get the idea.

Seafood po’ boy sandwich. Take this New Orleans street food to the next level with shrimp, fish, crab cakes as the crispy centre of a grilled hoagie handheld featuring favourite fixings: Tabasco mayo, stone-ground creole mustard, pickled carrots, cucumbers tomato slices, slaw, etc.

Fish fry entrees. Always a go-to favourite, you can enhance its appeal with new fish flavour profiles. Create your own beer batter with a local microbrew, or call on Trident’s beer-battered whitefish, PubHouse Pollock, Catfish and Alaskan Amber Cod for light, golden crunch and a flaky texture that offers handmade appeal without all the labour.

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