Burger Alternatives Make Their Mark 


There are many ways to satisfy burger cravings without beef

Step aside beef, there’s a new burger in town. Alt-burgers are plentiful, and they’re a thing. Plant-based, turkey, pork and more—these options appeal to a growing segment of diners looking for new flavors or options that fit lifestyle preferences or health choices.

We asked the Gordon Food Service culinary team to scout alt-burger opportunities. They came back with ideas succeeding in the regions they serve. As the popularity of alt-burgers grows, here are some ideas that may be poised to find a place on your menu:

Deep South Burger, Banh Mi Naanwich Burger, Lava Lava Hawaiian Turkey Burger

The alt-burger: Deep South Burger
The wow factor:
Fried green tomatoes are topped with pimento cheese, thick-cut bacon and comeback sauce on a pretzel bun.
Behind the burger: Christine Dively, Culinary Specialist, Florida

The alt-burger: Banh Mi Naanwich Burger
Why you’ll love it:
Lightlife Plant-Based Burger is topped with pickled carrots and cucumber, fresh cilantro, sliced jalapeno, and spicy aioli on grilled naan.
Behind the burger: Rachel Mazur, North Carolina

The alt-burger: Lava Lava Hawaiian Turkey Burger
Why you’ll love it:
Fresh turkey burger is glazed with Kogi OG Kalbi sauce. Topped with Asian slaw, cucumber namasu and drizzled with serrano chili aioli on a Hawaiian bun.
Behind the burger: Christine Dively, Florida

Pork Burger al Pastor, Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Burger

The alt-burger: Pork Burger Al Pastor
Why you’ll love it:
Fresh pork burger topped with tomatillo and poblano relish and pineapple on a stout beer bun.
Behind the burger: Bill Barker, Illinois

The alt-burger: Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Breakfast Burger
Why you’ll love it:
Pork belly, bourbon bacon jam, soft fried egg, and feta cheese are served on a brioche bun.
Behind the burger: Adam Walkover, Florida

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