A Checklist for Pickup and Delivery Safety


Restaurants can reduce COVID-19 risks with simple steps.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, food safety and customer safety are more important than ever. Use this checklist to make sure you are doing your part:


Educate Staff:

  • Have signage to explain your safety procedures
  • Stress to employees the importance of staying home if sick
  • Wear disposable gloves to protect employees and customers

Secure the Entry and Communicate Flow:

  • Remove candy, mint and toothpick dispensers near cashier station
  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers for public use
  • Limit number of people inside store
  • Communicate the flow of pickup and ordering to your customers by signs or staff members directing traffic
  • Try using visual markers, signs, tape on the floor, etc. to communicate safe social distancing

Focus on Cleaning:

  • Increase frequency of sanitizing for counters near the cash register
  • Sanitize door handles, touchpads and pickup shelves more frequently
  • Use only disposable wipes and discard after use

Utilize disposables:

  • Remove napkin, straw and condiment dispensers from public areas
  • Consider wrapped cutlery packets (with salt/pepper/napkins) and wrapped straws
  • If using a laminated menu, wipe it after each customer use

Offer Convenience:

  • Offer curbside pickup for call-ahead orders
  • Seal bags/boxes that leave for delivery
  • Clean insulated delivery bags before each use

Monitor the Bathroom:

  • Discuss limiting restrooms to staff use only if necessary
  • Keep stocked with toilet paper, paper hand towels, soap and hand sanitizer
  • Create a schedule for cleaning and replenishing restroom supplies
  • Put a waste can near the door for disposal of paper towels after opening the door
  • Install a foot plate or toe pull for hands-free door opening 

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