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Here is what you can expect once you have applied for a position at Gordon Food Service.

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Looking to interview for a position at Gordon Food Service? We want to help! At Gordon Food Service, we strive to find more dedicated and passionate employees who share our values. Below are steps for applying for jobs through our employment database and what to expect for your interview process.

Getting Started!

  1. Create a profile with your contact information to enter our database. Then apply for the job you seek.
  2. A resume is required for leadership, sales, skilled trades, and other non-operational roles, as well as warehouse or driver applications.
  3. Your application will include general questions about your interest in the position and job-specific details that will help us evaluate your qualifications. Tip: Show your attention to detail by completing the application in full. Failure to fill out the application could delay review of your application and cause you to miss out on the opportunity!
  4. You can cheque the status of your application at any time by logging into your dashboard.

What's Next?

Here is what you can expect once you have applied for a position at Gordon Food Service.

General Application & Interviewing Tips

Proofread Before
You Hit Submit

Always check your resume for spelling and punctuation. In addition, cheque your file before uploading to make sure the file you are attaching is your updated resume and not another file from your personal documents/downloads.

Interview Tips

If you are interviewing by phone, secure a time and space where you can focus on the conversation. This will limit distractions for you and for the interviewer. It’s also helpful to jot down your thoughts in writing, especially if you get nervous in interview situations.

Be Specific About Your Accomplishments

In your resume and during your interview, provide specific examples and quantifiable results about your work style and achievements. Avoid general terms like, “dedicated” “loyal” and “dependable” and instead share examples of dedication or dependability.

What to Include on
Your Resume

Summarize your work experience in a resume or other reference document that includes dates and positions held. It can be hard to remember those dates without notes. Also list education, training, skills, and certifications, if they are relevant to the target job.

Your Email
Address Matters

If your personal email address is not professional (e.g., “keggerboy01”), create a new one for your job search with the many free email providers out there. Any combination of your first and last name is generally a good idea.

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