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An easy and economical tool to help control food and labour costs, get nutrition analysis, standardize quality and streamline production in your foodservice operation. Designed specifically to help those using cycle menus and standardized recipes, this tool is your key to increase foodservice satisfaction and improve cost control. Interested in learning more? Book a discovery call with our Technology Specialist.

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CMM Menu+

  • Create cycle menus or edit the menu templates provided
  • Create and scale production recipes or edit the standardized recipes provided
  • Healthcare recipes include replacements for diet restrictions
  • Run nutrition and costing reports for items, recipes, and menus
  • Generate a shopping list for your menu
  • Scales recipes based on diet census
  • Run production worksheets
  • Generate a suggested order for your menu based on your census

Resident Management Solutions

As communities become more focused on resident-centred care, it is essential to have a solution to organize resident information. The Resident Management packages provide not only a way to organize resident detail but also reports that help with communication to food and nutrition services staff.

CMM Resident

A simple way to manage resident dining with printed cards that include:

  • Diet order
  • Preferences
  • Allergies
  • Dislikes
  • Dining location
  • Supplements and adaptive equipment

CMM Resident+

A more comprehensive solution that provides all that the Tray Card module has to offer but also gives you the ability to generate menus that are corrected for resident-specific information such as:

  • Works in combination with CMM Menu+
  • Diet
  • Allergies
  • Dislikes 
  • Dining location

Digital Choice Dining

Digital Choice Dining is an add-on to the CMM Resident+ package and presents a unique way to revolutionize the dining experience in your community. This package works with a tablet to transform your traditional paper tray ticket into a digital form that you can send to the printer to communicate with your kitchen.

Cycle Menu Management will provide you with real-time pricing, nutrition information, and healthcare menu templates to get you started. There are several different options within Cycle Menu Management from primary Menu Planning to more robust Resident Management Solutions.

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