Gordon Culinary Pro

Elevate Your Recipe Management

This solution allows chefs and culinary team members to create and organize their recipes efficiently and train staff quickly.

  • View theoretical food costs
  • Create recipes using a built-in database
  • Stay organized with recipe books, notes, videos, photos, etc.
  • Accurate price charts and updated costs in real-time 
  • Share photos and videos of recipes for staff training

See For Yourself

Recipe Organization & Utilization

Gordon Culinary Pro standardizes your recipe content into a powerful digital format in order to:

Keep recipe costs accurate enabling better decisions

Cut training time and costs

Simplify recipe management and version control

Improve consistency of execution

Reduce food waste caused by scaling errors

Streamline collaboration among team and multi-unit operations

Gordon Food Service customers who utilize Recipe Manager will enjoy all of the same benefits, plus additional features, with Gordon Culinary Pro. Reach out to your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for more information. 

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