Vada Pav Burger


1/10 burgersavoca

Prep Time

20-30 minutes


Recipe Preparation

Prepare the dumplings

  1. Cook the peeled russet potatoes in water. Drain and puree.
  2. Add the mustard, the ginger and the garlic finely minced.
  3. Season with the turmeric, chili flakes salt and pepper.
  4. Incorporate the mint chopped.
  5. Form into patties.
  6. Refrigerate for a few hours.

Prepare the burger

  1. Roll the patties in the frying dough and send into a frying pan with a high smoking point oil at 190C (or 375F).
  2. Coat  the bottom of the bun with the cilantro chutney.
  3. Assemble the fried patties with the bottom half of the bun then add the spicy red peanut chutney to the patties.
  4. Garnish the burger with fresh cilantro and close the burger.

Note: Fried onions can be added to give a crunchy texture to the burger.

This recipe originally appeared in the Gordon Food Service Foodscape publication.

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