Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thighs


24 367 g. servings


Recipe Preparation

1. Trim excess fat from the chicken thighs. Sprinkle the garlic herb seasoning, salt and pepper on the chicken. Place the thighs on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Place in a 177°C (350°F) oven. Cook up to 14-18 minutes or until just cooked through. Allow to cool. Place in a covered storage container in a single layer and refrigerate until needed.

2. Prepare batter as needed for service. Place the batter mix and buttermilk in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Whisk thoroughly. Place the dry mix in a separate 10 cm stainless steel half pans.

3. Dredge each chicken thigh in the dry mix. Shake off any excess mix. Dip the thighs in the batter mixture. Allow any excess batter to drain. Dredge in the dry mix a second time. Shake off any excess mix. Place in a single layer on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

To prepare à la carte:

1. Place two chicken thighs in a 177°C (350°F) fryer. Cook up to 3½ minutes or until golden-brown and just heated through. Allow to drain.

2. Place a 170 g portion of warmed potatoes in the center of a warmed serving plate. Stack a chicken thigh on top of the potatoes. Ladle 113 g of warmed sausage gravy over the top of the chicken thigh.

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