Portability: Acing Execution


Providing an enjoyable eating experience for your customers is crucial to a successful portability program.

Choosing menu items that hold and transport well is essential. Here is an overview of some things that work well and others that don’t.

Acing execution

Quality execution

Follow these simple tips to get execution right:

  • Include handling and reheating instructions, plus “best if used by” dates
  • Keep cold and hot items separate to maintain ideal temperature
  • Supply sauces and garnishes in on the side, in individual containers
  • For meal kits, include a detailed list of ingredients, necessary cooking supplies and instructions
  • For delivery, pack items in sealable bags to minimize the chance of spilling
  • If using a third-party delivery service, place a seal on every order with a warning to customers to report to you if the seal is broken

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