New Fish Processing Machine Helps Albion Fisheries Increase Output


Processing high quality fresh fish is a vital part of the business for Albion Fisheries. After working closely with Marel, a leading global provider of advanced equipment for food processing, the company is proud to announce its new state-of-the-art automated filleting and pin-boning machine.

The new filleting machine is designed for salmon and other species with a similar bone structure. It features a unique cutting principle comprised of a combination of band knives and circular knives, ensuring very gentle processing of raw materials and a clean cut, with maximum yield. It has the capacity to fillet up to 20 fish per minute improving productivity and ability to take on increased volumes.

The pin-bone remover is a double lane machine giving it a capacity of 36 fillets per minute. It is economical, robust and easy to operate, while ensuring maximum yield, reduced production time and most importantly- improved product quality.

Recently, the newly introduced “Kuterra” Atlantic salmon was processed through the machines and the quality and results have been outstanding! Albion is continuously striving to be a leader in the seafood industry and is excited with these recent accomplishments.

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