Monster Milkshakes, Outrageous Profits


Attention-grabbing treats offer operators family-friendly and boozy options.

How sweet would it be to have a profit-building, Instagram-worthy menu item that’s both family-friendly and adult treat? Introduce your customers to monster milkshakes.

Call them what you want—mega shakes, over-the-top shakes, freakshakes—they convert ordinary milkshakes into eye candy using a versatile array of easy to stockpile ingredients. Some assembly required.

Every operator is looking for something that can bring a great profit line, and milkshakes are one of those things. Starting with a basic shake and then adding a couple of dollars’ worth of other ingredients can raise the perceived value to astronomical heights.

Specialty shakes play out on the menu at Peace Treats in Toronto, where the D.R.E.A.M. (DONUTS Rule Everything Around Me) shake starts with vanilla ice cream and adds chocolate chips, chocolate and caramel syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles and two tiny doughnuts.

Firecrust Pizza in Vancouver offers five shakes, including “Birthday Cake,” with a rainbow sprinkles on the rim of the glass and a slice of confetti cake on top.

The Street Eatery in Calgary takes sky-high shakes to a new level with a boozy option. For a small upcharge, customers can turn the “Sweet N’ Salty” (peanut butter shake, rim frosted with M&Ms and topped with a vanilla cream puff) into an adult dessert.  

No matter what you use to top a shake—whipped cream, sprinkles, breakfast cereal, lollipops, doughnuts, waffles, cookies, brownies—heads turn every time one comes to the table. Photos shared on social media generate buzz. Soon, everyone wants in on the fun.

And monster shakes are the perfect shareable. Their size makes them too big for one person, which fills tables. 

For pubs and taverns, it’s a family-friendly way to draw more people in. They come in for the food and drinks and stay for the fun. Monster shakes can be a growth opportunity. Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative how they can benefit your bottom line.

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