Menu Success with Alternative Cuts of Beef

Capitalizing on alternative cuts of beef

Want to trim your beef costs without taking a hit on flavour? Then alternative cuts, also known as bistronomic cuts, are your best bet.

Bistronomic cuts may be lesser known, but they offer something their prime cousins can’t: profitable per-plate prices with good profit margins. Thanks to their big, beefy flavour, they can taste better than their more expensive relatives and you can create menu differentiation through unique recipes—and that goes a long way with customers.

Preferred Alternative Cuts of Beef

To help you shop smart, we’ve created this visual guide that features common favourites and what makes them so appealing to operators and customers alike. The key to getting your money’s worth lies in purchasing the most profit-friendly cuts of beef, cooking them right and using them to create signature dishes that patrons will crave (more on that below).

A Visual Guide to Alternative Cuts of Beef

Culinary Approaches to Alternative Cuts of Beef

Courtesy of their full, meaty flavour you don’t have to do a lot to alternative cuts of beef to delight your customers. In fact, their rich, beefy flavour gives you more play in terms of cooking methods and culinary creativity. While getting the best out of them may take a bit more planning and cooking time, they require very little in terms of preparation.

We’ve pulled together the best cooking methods for each cut and a few menu ideas to get you started. Consider these your building blocks. As you gain confidence working with these alternative cuts, experiment with ways to bring them to your table. The goal is to offer your guests crave-worthy flavours they aren’t likely to make at home.

While traditionally grilled steaks aren’t going away, turning customers on to alternative cuts of beef through a little culinary creativity can deliver a great flavour experience along with menu differentiation. That’s a win-win.

Prepping and Menuing Alternative Cuts of Beef

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