Meat Has Met its Match


Meet the new wave of plant-based proteins

The market for meat alternatives is growing significantly and the humble burger patty, a staple of many menus, is the fastest growing sector of the meat-free-protein industry (NPD Group, 2018).

The Beyond Burger and a Veggie Burger on a plate

Calling all meat lovers

Plant-based burgers are an alternative choice aimed at meat-lovers and “flexitarians” who want to eat less meat but still crave the taste, texture and aroma of grilled meat. These patties pack all the flavour and have the same sizzle as meat. They even bleed like meat. The Beyond Burger looks, cooks, and tastes like a beef burger without GMOs, soy or gluten. The red colour comes from beets and, just like beef protein, it changes colour when cooked and  “bleeds” red beet juice.

A burger fix for the veggie crowd

Vegetarians and vegans may not be looking for a “meat analog,” but who doesn’t crave a handheld menu option? Veggie burgers answer the call. For vegetarian and vegan consumers or someone looking to consume less meat, plant-based veggie burgers offer the taste of vegetables, beans and grains.

[GRAPHIC] Juicy Opportunity 800% Increase in plant-based menu items in four years Source: Datassential Menu Trends, 2018  54% consumers who would like to eat more plant-based foods and beverages (52% Millennials; 52% Gen X; 58% Boomers) Source: Hartman Group, Transformation of the American Meal Report, 2017

Menu Do’s and Don’ts

Experts suggest choosing your words carefully on the menu. The language used to describe foods can increase or suppress appetites. Calling these products “meat-free” doesn’t sell well because it emphasizes that something is missing. The solution is to push what’s appealing.

Menu Do’s and Don’ts

Do describe the Beyond Burger:
Juicy sizzle
Rich, buttery
Hand-formed patty

Do describe veggie burgers:
Real vegetables
Wholesome grains

Don’t use descriptions that indicate “less” or “different”:
Reduced sodium
Lighter choice

Get Vegucated

[GRAPHIC] 22% Consumers embracing flexitarian diets 42% of consumers have tried vegan menu items 59% of consumers have tried vegetarian menu items Source: Datassential

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