Is Your Restroom More Dangerous than Your Kitchen?


Learn how a little thing like the restroom can affect the safety and reputation of your business. 

Reputation is everything in foodservice. Sensational food, excellent service and a relaxing setting take effort, so don’t let a lack of restroom cleanliness hold you back.

Perception: Restrooms are a necessity, but have little effect on my food business.
Reality: 74% of patrons equate restroom cleanliness with that of your kitchen.

Research shows that unpleasant experiences in a public restroom takes a toll on businesses. About 30% of customers said they wouldn’t return to an operation with dirty restrooms, and 46% of people would avoid an establishment based on word of mouth about poor conditions.

Perception: A sink and some soap/hand sanitizer is enough.   
Reality: Only effective cleaning products and proper hand washing can stop germs.

Hand hygiene is one of the top causes of foodborne illness, such as norovirus. Employees and guests need soaps and sanitizers that kill germs. Having no soap or empty dispensers is the No. 1 compliance violation cited by health inspectors. More importantly, causing a foodborne illness can be devastating: You risk losing customer trust; fines, penalties or lawsuits; and temporary or permanent business closure.

Perception: Air dryers are a cleaner restroom solution.
Reality: Paper towels are much more sanitary. 
Washing hands is supposed to eliminate bacteria. Air dryers blow around any germs left on wet hands, spreading bacteria to other surfaces. A Westminster study shows bacteria count after using an air dryer increased by 254%, including tiny bits of skin, hair and fecal matter. Air dryers take about 45 seconds to get hands only 95% dry. Paper towels take just seconds and get hands 100% dry.

Array provides paper towels, cleaners, soap, tissue and more to enhance restroom cleanliness. These products help stop the spread of germs, reduce the risk of foodborne illness and protect the reputation of your business.

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