Gordon Food Service Canada Honored for Beef Leadership


Certified Angus Beef

As dining out evolved in 2021, foodservice distributors like Gordon Food Service Canada helped guide restaurants on their journeys. They rooted their focus on the finest beef cuts, customer service and labour-saving items to help chefs balance their time and talents in the kitchen. 

In September, Certified Angus Beef recognized distributors for product quality, marketing and sales this year. Gordon Food Service Canada received the Commitment to Integrity and International Distributor Marketer of the Year awards.

“Gordon Food Service Canada has shown remarkable commitment to their customers during a very tough year for foodservice,” says Cody Jones, Certified Angus Beef vice president of international. “They have always been committed to delivering flavourful beef and they chose to double down on that commitment this year as they delivered beef solutions for takeout and delivery.”

Additional strategies to earn the marketing award included monthly digital promotions and time-saving meal options for chefs and restaurateurs. Training for the distributor’s staff furthered their beef expertise, allowing them to assist chefs with menu decisions each week.

The Commitment To Integrity award recognizes the company’s dedication at all eight Canadian locations to ensure the beef’s quality and brand integrity. When chefs and diners see the logo, they know to expect flavourful, tender, juicy beef every steak, every order. Gordon Food Service worked across the country to ensure that the brand was properly positioned with their partners. One foodservice distributor globally is awarded this important award, and this year, Gordon Food Service’s diligence and commitment outshone the rest.

Partners in every aspect of the beef business, from ranchers raising cattle sustainably to retailers offering consumers easy meals to restaurants innovating with beef tallow, received honors this year. 

“One constant that energizes this community is knowing taste remains the No. 1 reason people crave beef and these companies deliver on that promise with the Certified Angus Beef ® brand,” John Stika, Certified Angus Beef president, says. “Gordon Food Service excelled this year at sharing their expertise and furthering this brand’s reputation as the best beef.”

Awards also recognized Gordon Food Service locations for sales to foodservice customers. The bronze category recognized British Columbia, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Ontario for each exceeding 1 million pounds (453,592 kg). The Calgary location achieved the Top Five in the small broadline distributor category.

Gordon Food Service has a passion for what they do. They continue to push forward, knowing each step helps restaurateurs serve and diners enjoy Certified Angus Beef.

Who is Certified Angus Beef?

The original Angus beef brand. Based in Wooster, Ohio, and owned by family farmers and ranchers, we’re more than just Angus beef. Only the very best makes our cut. We set strict standards to certify every bite is tender, juicy and full of flavour, whether you’re cooking at home or dining at the best steakhouse. It’s why we’re the world’s most trusted beef brand and have been since 1978. For more information, visit CertifiedAngusBeef.com, follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, or join the brand’s Steakholder Rewards™ loyalty program.

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