Drive home service excellence


Train your team to make every dining experience special.

Sometimes it’s the secret sauce that makes meals special. Your special ingredient is a well-trained team ready to drive home excellence and make the dining experience special.

You have established an inviting dining room with well-set tables. The next step is service excellence through guest interactions that create a relaxed, caring environment. It takes training and awareness built around several areas.

Know the five basics

Great food won’t overcome a bad guest experience. Make every setting desirable, whether serving residents of a senior living community, patients in a care setting, or those who are visiting or working in these spaces. These five basics make it a positive experience:

  • Look at me.
  • Smile at me.
  • Greet me.
  • Listen to me.
  • Thank me.

Understand the Menu

People will have questions, so menu familiarity is important. To ensure a good experience:

  • Taste the food with your team before meal service.
  • Be able to explain daily features as well as the everyday offerings.
  • Know how the food was prepared.
  • Know the portion sizes served.
  • Know where you can find nutrition and allergy information.

Practice teamwork

Working together is key to an optimal experience. Make sure team members are aware how their actions impact others:

  • Be on time and complete your share of work.
  • Watch for team members who are overwhelmed or running behind.
    • Always communicate and assist other team members if you are not busy.
    • Call on nursing or support staff, where available.
  • Leave opinions aside during your shift.

Keep communication professional

Talking with teammates is part of service excellence. There are clear rules about communicating on the dining room floor:

  • Avoid personal conversations with other team members while helping guests.
  • Excuse yourself from the guest if a need arises to converse with another team member.
  • Never interrupt another team member when they are helping a guest.
  • Never discuss guests in front of other guests.
  • Never shout/talk across the dining room to each other.

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