Define Your Healthcare Brand, and Deliver


Start by knowing who you serve and what they love to build your direction.

Brand identity is as important in healthcare and senior living as it is in the corporate world. It’s also just as basic: Telling people who you are and what you can do for them. Your food program can help build your brand and keep the promises you make.

Everyone promotes innovation and good health. The food you offer and how it’s served help you stand out in a sea of similar claims. Your challenge is to keep your brand on target.

Ask yourself the right questions

Whether yours is a large hospital or a close-knit independent living community, start by addressing issues in three areas:

Locate your target audience

  • Who is your primary customer?
  • What are their expectations for dining?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Conduct surveys and weigh the results

  • What do people know/love about your community?
  • How are people behaving toward your messaging?
  • What are people’s fears, challenges and obstacles?

Find threads you can address

  • Who did people consider before choosing your community?
  • What is your dining service doing to build brand loyalty?

Go in the right direction

The survey creates inclusion you can build on. Use responses to know what’s most important to your audience. Then build brand identity by deciding what you want to be known as best at. Possibilities include:

  • Excellent food quality
  • Exceptional experience (hospitality, service, atmosphere, etc.)
  • Wellness (balanced meals, MIND diet, etc.)
  • Specialty nutrition (cardiac, diabetes, consistency modified, etc.)
  • Stewardship (environmental awareness, community service, etc.)

You may be able to expand on things that already work well. You may discover manageable changes your program lacks, such as room service, a coffee kiosk, grocery delivery, a new appetizer or snack.

If a change aligns with your brand promise, it benefits the needs of those you serve and it helps your program stand out. Even a quick win can build a path to long-term success.

Learn more about how to build your brand and market your senior living dining program as a differentiator in our new guide, Your Food. Your Story.

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