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How to share your menu in a new contactless world

Restaurants will need to be creative to safely share what’s on the menu for dine-in consumers. Follow your Public Health Office and authorities in your province in creating and sharing your menus. 

Each of these menu concepts offer safety your customers will appreciate and flexibility to meet your business needs during this time of adjustment.

Use paper menus

  • Create single-use paper menus that can be thrown away after each table turn
  • Create flexibility by only printing small quantities using your own computer/printer
  • Enlist the service of a local printer who may also offer design options 
  • Look online for simple word processing, menu-creation tools and publishing resources 

Engage with smartphone menus 

  • Set up an SMS short code or text message that will auto-send a link to your menu 
  • Generate a QR code and post near the entrance for guests to scan or create a cling with the QR code that you can put on the tables
  • Direct customers to use your online ordering app to view the menu, order and pay without any server contact 
  • Display your menu on your TV screens and monitors

Employ contactless viewing

  • Enlarge your menu to hang on a wall with guidelines on where to stand to view
  • Suggest consumers take a picture of the menu for reference 
  • Write your menu on chalkboard or whiteboard signs 

Use laminated menus, with care

  • Put a policy in place to sanitize laminated menus after each use

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