Conquest Of The Sea


We value our customers and the stories that make them who they are and the success they have. The following stories take place across the province of Quebec, highlighting some innovative and exciting customers and partners. 


Beyond Percé, the Gaspé Peninsula is full of mouth watering discoveries. On the menu, meetings with Fishermen and Chefs who highlight several Gaspesian products. 

Northern Gaspé Peninsula


Pierre-Alexandre Binet’s, protein specialist, finds a crab on the shore.

The team finally arrives in Percé:

A few members went fishing for the Quebec species of striped bass. A few years ago, this species was rare and its future seemed uncertain. All fisheries were closed to help the recovery of the species. Since then, the striped bass population has increased dramatically and its extraordinary recovery is a great success.



We departed in the evening for Tuna fishing. After about two hours at sea, the boat arrives at its destination. Several schools of herring are swimming around and attracting tuna. 

The line is put in the water and the waiting begins. Forty minutes later, the line went off, a tuna had taken the bait!

The battle with this king of the seas begins! The bluefin tuna is actually one of the fastest fish in the world, reaching speeds of 70 km/h, which is particularly impressive considering its gigantic size!

A beautiful 523-pound tuna! It is put on ice and will leave for our processing plant the next morning to be served on the finest tables in Quebec, in all its freshness and splendor!

Gordon Food Service supplier, Arrivages de Gaspé, showed us different facilities where they grow, prepare and package the seafood products.



First stop : E. Gagnon et fils. Based in Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, the company processes freshly caught seafood. In addition, E. Gagnon et fils is developing a range of products processed according to the customs and tastes of the magnificent Gaspé region. 

Bill Sheehan, Vice-President.

Snow crab preparation.

The legs are about to enter the nitrogen tunnel.

They come out frozen, which ensures optimal preservation and taste.


We spotted the Aliments du Québec logo on this beautiful claw. It is a new alternative cut of a lobster under development that has a lot of potential. To be watched!

Since eco-responsibility is a crucial issue, what happens to all the empty crab and lobster shells? The company buries the unused material and work the land of several local farmers. Thanks to the excellent minerals and other nutrients in the shells, the farmers can produce up to three crops a year!


Lelièvre, Lelièvre & Lemoignan, specializes in the processing of salted and dried cod. The company has diversified its offering and in 2012 officially launched a new line of frozen lobster products. With more than 200 qualified workers, the company offers its customers high-quality products that respect sustainable development standards and operates under the renowned Cordier and Gaspé Cured brand.


Marc-Antoine Lelièvre, Director of operations. 

You can’t come to Gaspésie without tasting our famous northern shrimp! Located in Rivière-au-Renard, Les Pêcheries Marinard sources its products from local fishermen and outside suppliers. Their trademark, La Marinière, is recognized on the global market for its high level of quality. The company has a laboratory, certified ISO 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada, for microbiological analysis offered to its customers. The plant produces its own ice and treats it with UV rays to achieve the best possible quality. A shrimp boat needs about 20 tons of ice and spends nearly a week at sea before returning with several thousand pounds of shrimp!

Patrick Samson, Director of operations.

The northern shrimp is bagged from the boat’s hold before being taken to the factory.


The shrimp begins its journey with cleaning and cooking. The cooking is done with a specialized probe, which ensures that the taste and texture always remain optimal!

The northern shrimp is in the spotlight in the region! Shrimp Poutine from the Resto-Pub La Révolte, located a few steps from the plant.

Shrimp Guédille from the Cantine du Quai. Very simple, but oh so delicious!

Also located in Rivière-au-Renard, Les Pêcheries Gaspésiennes ensures the landing, processing, smoking, salting and drying of several species of fish. Proud of its history and looking to the future, this family business is counting on the diversification of its products and the training of the next generation to maintain its leadership position in the industry. 

Simon Langlois, Production Manager, in front of one of the company’s three huge smokehouses, which use food-grade wood from Saint-Hyacinthe.

Locally raised trout waiting to be smoked to perfection.

Poisson Salé Gaspésien

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