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Tasty Trends for Your Residents

Jus-Rol Poffitz™ brought to you by Cerelia are Dutch-style, bite-size pancakes, perfect for breakfast, snacks, or treats. They are light and fluffy, delicious with topping or without, very versatile, and are sure to be a hit among your residents.

Easy to hold, easy to eat, easy to share, easy to portion – just a few reasons bite-size, mini-size products are so popular!

Key Benefits and Product Claims

Jus-Rol’s Poffitz™ aims to please – with minimal mess Poffitz makes a great on-the-go snack and is suitable for vegetarians. Jus-Rol is committed to the highest ingredient standards and packs these mini pancakes with multi-grains and real ingredients. Not only are these Poffitz™ fun and trending, but you can also feel confident serving these knowing that they will provide many key benefits to your residents.

  • No colours added
  • No artificial flavous
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Great tasting and popular with residents (excellent sensory profile)
  • Unique to the healthcare segment
  • Simple and versatile preparation and handling
  • Holding and delivery in all Healthcare operational environments

Recipe Ideas

Poffitz™ mini pancakes are delicious right out of the bag or can be taken to the next level with some simple menu applications. Serve as a sweet side to scrambled eggs, as a dipper into a cup of coffee, pair with berries as a yogurt topper, in a bento box lunch, or served on a skewer as a dessert!

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