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JG Fruits et Légumes sources the best quality fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs locally and globally. JG has a team of industry experts who deliver products prepared according to rigorous food safety standards. We specialize in personalized service and solutions tailored to our customers unique needs across Eastern Canada.

How We Partner With Gordon Food Service

Legumes has been part of the family of Gordon Food Service Specialty Companies for several years. With the new relationship, Gordon Food Service customers have access to specialty prepared produce to customer specifications.

Product Brands

You can find a variety of products by brand or product type in Gordon Ordering. Look for these brands to know you are getting reliable, consistent meat and seafood that will perform well in the kitchen, and delight your guests.

Gordon Choice

Gordon Choice* offers a variety of reliable, foundational products that help you serve your best while staying within your budget. JG sources the best quality fruits and vegetables available, and prepares them to your exacting specifications. Value-added fruits, vegetables, salads, and blends save time, reduce food waste, and increase your speed-to-plate.

*Exclusive private brand for Gordon Food Service customers.

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