Merry and Bright Holiday Recipes


Plan for the season with ideas offering simplicity and indulgence that brim with LTO possibilities.

The holidays seem to sneak up on people every year, so offer them some cozy and comfortable holiday recipes to help them enjoy the season. We’ve assembled six ideas to bring cheer to the table without adding stress to your kitchen or your staff.

Each recipe reimagines simple ingredients you probably already have on hand, adding a holiday twist that’s part inspiration and part indulgence. Whether your guests are taking a break from holiday shopping, catching up with friends or simply looking for a way to treat themselves, these recipes are ready to become a seasonal favourite and must-have holiday LTO.

Desserts, beverages and shareables can be real sales builders. Combined with your regular menu, each one is ready to be a merry and profitable part of your holiday offering.

Featured recipes:

Cast Iron Apple Crisp

Cast Iron Apple Crisp
Comfort food doesn’t get much sweeter. Red apples baked in buttery brown sugar and sprinkled with pecans is a vision of holiday warmth. It’s perfect as a breakfast treat, dessert or sharable delight.

Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding

Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding
This traditional Southern dish is ready to please all palates. Parisian bread chunks are soaked in stout and melty chocolate and anglaise sauce to make a pudding that’s perfect on its own or served with ice cream.

Root Vegetable Hummus

Root Vegetable Hummus
Hummus is great any time of year, and this recipe takes advantage of seasonal root vegetables perfect for a colourful holiday appetizer. With diners looking for a healthful way to treat themselves, this hearty hummus is crafted to please.

Shrimp with Red Quinoa Crust

Shrimp with Red Quinoa Crust
Step aside shrimp and cocktail sauce: It’s time to reinvent a holiday favourite. We start with butterflied shrimp dusted in flour and quinoa before deep-frying to create a delicate crust. Serve on a plate with sweet potato hot sauce for an unforgettable experience.

Minty Mocha Hot Chocolate

Minty Matcha Mocha Hot Chocolate
’Tis the season for hot chocolate, so why not take it up a notch by starting with chocolatey double-strength coffee blended with a mint-matcha slurry. Serve it steaming hot and topped with whipped cream for pure holiday pleasure.

The Blinker Cocktail

The Blinker Cocktail
Cheers to the holidays. Raise a glass to good times with this rye whiskey-based beverage that has a touch of tart and sweet with grapefruit juice and raspberry syrup.

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