Luv the Grub’s Impact Goes Far Beyond Flavour

The British Columbia maker of gourmet spreads and chutneys brings a touch of grace to the imperfect world of “ugly” fruits and vegetables.

Can I have seconds, please? You certainly can at Luv The Grub, a manufacturer of spreads and chutneys created with fruit and vegetable seconds.

Seconds are the tasty fruits and vegetables that didn’t make the starting lineup at the grocery store. Produce that is misshapen, bruised or bent doesn’t hold a lot of shelf-appeal. But it’s a perfect fit for Luv The Grub, which rescues food and uses it to create jams, jellies and chutneys.

“Restaurant operators know the importance of maximizing ingredient use and reducing waste, and it’s the same concept that drives Luv The Grub,” said Kathy Perry, a Gordon Food Service North America Brands Specialist.

The Vancouver-based company is committed to creating good food while doing good. The gourmet fusion spreads and chutneys are a great way to upscale many meal creations. By doing so, you help the planet by using fruits and vegetables that might have become waste.

Kind to the Planet and the Menu

Delicious and earth-friendly. Using these two attributes alone, Luv The Grub hits the sweet spot for inclusion in the Goodfinds by Gordon program. Yet there’s more.

The company not only partners with eight local farms to rescue almost 20,000 pounds of food, it also operates a paid employment training program for refugees seeking a new life in Canada. 

Foodservice operators can market these positive messages about helping the environment and the community, while transforming dishes during any daypart into something special.

For example, a dollop of blueberry sage chutney is a perfect fit for a cheese board, use it in place of your regular sauce or relish, or drizzle it on pork, chicken or tofu. 

The chai apple spread can be used to top pancakes or toast at breakfast, or it also works as peanut butter’s best friend on a gourmet bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Pear walnut chutney can be used as a sauce for flatbread and pizza, spread on a sandwich, or used with rice bowls or curries.

With a wide variety of flavours available, the possibilities are only limited by your culinary imagination.

Company’s Mission Came Naturally   

The creative spark that led to Luv The Grub was the result of a teacher-student exchange. Professor Alia Sunderji, the daughter of a Ugandan refugee, was teaching a class on sustainable innovation at Simon Fraser University when student research cited a food waste fact.

The student’s research showed tons of cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables are thrown away each year in British Columbia. A bump or bruise meant produce was destined for the landfill.

Alia combined her desire to promote sustainability and help the community by starting Luv The Grub in 2018. Chutneys and spreads, a staple of her East African heritage, were a natural for getting the most out of “ugly” food. Her love of helping people also came naturally.

Hearing her mother’s retelling of the Ugandan refugee experience and knowing the struggles refugees encounter, Alia focused on staffing Luv the Grub with refugees and immigrants. She provides a paycheck and work experience that has helped more than 40 individuals start a new life in Canada.

Many Flavours Available 

Luv The Grub’s feel-good story, combined with its rainbow of spread and chutney options, allows foodservice operators to share the message of sustainably conscious dining and supporting meaningful food alternatives. 

Most of all, the ability to create unique dishes is sure to delight guests, providing an experience they share with family, friends and on social media. Each Luv The Grub flavour comes in different sizes and packaging. Your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative can help you find a product perfect for your menu. Check a few of our available flavours!

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