It’s Show Time … Are You Ready to Mix It Up?


Join us at the Gordon Food Service Show—here’s what you will see.

The 2019 Gordon Food Service Show is coming soon. This year’s theme is “Mix It Up”–with good reason. We’ve listened to customer feedback and added some new twists to this year’s events.

“We’re mixing things up because the number one reason why people attend our show is to learn about new items and get new ideas,” says Matt Kirkwood, Gordon Food Service North America  Show Manager.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect this year:

Find new products to improve your business. Speak with vendors and sample products featuring the latest trends and sales-building opportunities. Our team of experts also will be available to answer questions on topics that matter most to you: culinary insights, menu trends, labor efficiency, sustainability, product transparency and portability.

Be inspired at the Plated to Inspire Booth. Our chef will be cooking up new  ideas made from our Gordon Food Service products. Visit the Plated to Inspire Booth to see our chef in action, demonstrating and offering tastes foods intended intended to carve out menu differentiation, attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

Buy items at the Truckload Sale. Stop by the truck on the Show floor for competitive pricing on commodity items. Each show will offer different items. “There’s a limited quantity and, at these prices, we will run out,” Kirkwood says. “But if you get there early, you can stock up on product and realize significant savings.”

Say cheese! Let your fromage-ination wander as you check out Canada’s finest varieties, as well as flavours from around the world. Cheese-lovers are passionate about their product, so don’t miss the World of Cheese booth. It’s your chance to sample, ask questions and find a new menu star.

Enjoy a great cup of coffee. Check out the mix of our refreshed lineup of Mosaic coffees and all things tech at the Mosaic Technology Cafe. Experience enticing coffee blends in a coffee-shop setting, perfect for popping open a laptop or mobile device and discovering how our digital tools can help with efficiencies, and sourcing clean, sustainable or Canadian items.

Drop by the mixology mixer. Gordon Food Service doesn’t sell alcohol, but we stock everything that goes into the bar experience. That’s why we’ve created a bar-style setting on the show floor where beverage experts will be mixing different drinks to show you possibilities for using fruits, vegetables, syrups, herbs and spices that can elevate your drink profile and profits.

Find out about Clear Choice options.  Consumers’ growing appetite for product transparency with cleaner ingredients, responsibly sourced and sustainable products is important to all of us. Find out how we are bringing you information on better practices.

Get your hands on digital solutions. Visit this booth and get to Know Gordon Ordering, our new platform for anytime, anywhere ordering. Check out its simple, user-friendly design. Let us show you how to access complete product descriptions and enjoy a faster shopping experience. You’ll also love the convenient order confirmation process.

Each show offers unique products, equipment and vendors ready to meet your needs and help your menu stand apart from the rest. As the title suggests, this year’s Show promises more versatility than ever. That’s because your business demands that you Mix It Up. Save time by registering today!

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