Fruits de Mer Liberio

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Fresh and High-Quality Fish & Seafood Products

Fruits de Mer Liberio is a fish and seafood processor offering a full line of fresh and frozen products purchased directly from producers and fishermen. We know seafood, bringing years of experience and expertise to sourcing, processing and packaging each order strictly adhering to the highest food safety standards. We guarantee our customers the freshest and best quality seafood available.

How We Partner With Gordon Food Service

Fruits de Mer Liberio became part of the family of Gordon Food Service Specialty Companies in 2017. With the new relationship, Gordon Food Service customers have access to specialty seafoods packed whole or carefully portioned to our customer’s specifications.

Product Brands

You can find a variety of products by brand or product type in Gordon Ordering. Look for this brand to know you are getting reliable, consistent value-added produce that will perform well in the kitchen, and delight your guests.

Gordon Choice

Gordon Choice* offers a variety of reliable, foundational products that help you serve your best while staying within your budget. Fruits de Mer Liberio sources the best quality seafood available and prepares it to your exacting specifications. Value-added seafood saves time, reduces food waste, and increases your speed-to-plate.

*Exclusive private brand for Gordon Food Service customers.

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